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Your 20-Minute Business Plan: Lean Canvas (Espanol)

Thu 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

Traditionally, a business plan can take several weeks or months (and sometimes even a few tears) to complete. But, what if I told you the old way isn’t the only way. The Business Model Canvas class will help to you to quickly develop a portable, 1-page business plan structured to validate your business model, prioritize where to start and understand the key metrics that will keep your business on track. When you attend this workshop you will quickly develop and leave with the majority of your business plan DONE. You will capture the essence of your company and shortcut your way to more probable success: Here’s what that workshop will do for you: > Help you determine and focuses on your unfair advantage, that can help to win the market; > Create a plan that is entrepreneurs-focused and serves your business vs. a lender-focused that might never get read; > Assess your revenue streams and how to capitalize on them for better financial grounding; > Understand who to market to first, because your ideal customer is lifeforce of your company; It’s the best business plan hack of the decade— A FRESH NEW WAY OF MIGRATING THROUGH THE SCOPE, DESIGN, & FEASIBILITY OF YOUR BUSINESS. WE WILL PROVIDE YOU THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL YOU NEED TO START THE BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS (or pursue a more monetizable goal). During the session we will provide you with resource documents, specific industry research and a plethora of tools individually tailored for YOUR business. Be sure to email us at with your proposed business type, location, and other pertinent details to help us pull industry reports needed for this session. Requirements: Please email us at right after you register for the class with information about the type business you are considering starting and your thoughts on initial location (specific also if you are going to be an online business). We need this information so we can provide resource and research documents to you during class for the hands-on exercises.

Speaker(s): Elizabeth Goldbach

Fee: $ 20.00

Registration is not complete until payment is received prior to class. Pay online or by phone via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

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