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US Bunkers

"�I would like to thank the SBDC and specifically CBA Ruby Ortiz. I suggest to the business entrepreneurs to go to the SBDC because there you will find guidance and most of all motivation. Don�t give up. It�s a long road. It is not a race of speed but of endurance,� says Jorge Villa."

Storms? Terrorism? Inventor Creates Bunkers-for-Sale

Jorge Villa is a scientist, an engineer, and an inventor. He is also a motivated and hard-working entrepreneur. He started attending seminars and counseling at the Small Business Development Center in Miami in March 2002. But he had started chasing his dream after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. After he and his family barely escaped the disaster by hiding in a concrete warehouse, Jorge imagined creating a monolithic structure reinforced with steel, shaped like ET�s spacecraft, weighing 18 tons, and lined with fiberglass. The prototype, as he eventually designed it, holds six people comfortably, is portable, has powerful ventilation, is watertight, has an upper escape hatch, and can be placed above or underground. Jorge envisions the bunker-like structure as a disaster or anti-terrorist shelter. Jorge has thought of several names with which to market the structure, including �Fox-hole,� �Big-Brother,� �Gladia-thor,� and in the near future the underwater version will be called �Posei-dome.�

Ruby Ortiz, his Certified Business Analyst at the FAU SBDC says, �One excellent quality that Jorge has: He is always open to new ideas and to work hard. For him, as a scientist and an engineer graduated from University of Miami, attending entrepreneurial seminars and receiving marketing advice must have seemed like going into a different world. But Jorge, with a humble and wise attitude, never said �I am an engineer--I don�t need training.� On the contrary, Jorge was always eager to learn new concepts and ideas.� He attended several seminars and many hours of marketing counseling with Ruby. �He was very dedicated and used his scientific approach to do research and to put into practice a marketing plan. Press releases, networking, e-mail marketing, sales letters, interviews, attending fairs and shows, and many other marketing activities were part of the daily routine that Jorge patiently followed for many months. He invested time, money, effort, heart and soul.�

Jorge Villa has sold almost a dozen bunkers. In addition, he receives 300 requests daily for information, has 20,000 visits to his web page monthly, and networks with presidents of different countries, military personnel, United Nations officers and other high executives from companies who are his potential clients. He is a successful entrepreneur helping to boost the economy in South Florida.

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